Meet Our Team


Our Missionaries


Will eason, program director

As Bonsai's director, Will leads our team. He ensures that we remain faithful to our mission and vision as we grow and that we have the resources that we need to do so. He also manages relationships with local organizations with whom we work, such as schools and government agencies.

Will and Amanda have been missionaries with Inca Link in Manta, Ecuador since February of 2014 and created and started Bonsai. He is originally from Bloomingdale, Georgia, where he was a youth pastor for several years. Will and Amanda have two children, Emery and Selah.

Will can be contacted at


Amanda Eason, program coordinator

Amanda, as coordinator for Bonsai, oversees the day-to-day operation of the program. She manages our staff and volunteers and handles the program's finances.

Amanda and her husband, Will, founded Bonsai and have served with Inca Link in Manta, Ecuador as missionaries since February of 2014. She is from Savannah, Georgia, and worked in real estate before moving to Ecuador. Will and Amanda have two children, Emery and Selah.

Amanda can be contacted at


Anna Jacobson, sponsorship and social media coordinator

Anna manages Bonsai's sponsorship program and is responsible for content and updates on our social media pages. She also plans a variety of other activities, such as music classes and Bible lessons.

Anna was born in Quito, Ecuador and spent the first 12 years of her life there. She returned to Ecuador as an Inca Link intern in 2014, where she served with the Easons, and became a full-time missionary working with Bonsai in January of 2017. Anna is passionate and enthusiastic about her work.

You can contact Anna at


Our Staff


Janneth hernandez, teacher

Janneth works with Bonsai's older children (ages 10-13). She is firm but compassionate. God has gifted her to teach children in a way that keeps them interested and helps them to understand.

Janneth began working with Bonsai as a volunteer when we first started, and joined our staff in September of 2016. She lives in Montecristi with her husband, Edwin, and her three children, Jeremy, Jesús, and Julieth.


Joselyne Zambrano, Teacher

Joselyne leads the intermediate class (ages 7-9).  She is patient and loving. Joselyne is a talented musician, which she uses to help teach as well as keep kids entertained.  She is bilingual and also uses her degree in accounting to assist with Bonsai's bookkeeping.

Joselyne has volunteered with Bonsai since it began and came on staff in October of 2018. She lives in Manta with her parents, Cristobal and Nelly, and three siblings.


Nelly Demera, Teacher

Nelly teaches Bonsai's younger children (ages 3-6). She is kind and always sees the best in everyone. She's "the biggest kid in the room," and loves to get out and play with the Bonsai children. She does a great job of teaching through object lessons.

Nelly has worked with Bonsai since it began; first as a volunteer, and then as a staff member (since September of 2016). She lives in Manta with her husband, Cristobal, and her children, Leo, Joselyne, Andres, and Crisnel.


Wilton Briones, Driver

Wilton transports our Bonsai kids to and from the program site each day. He also makes sure that our vehicle stays well-maintained. Wilton never meets a stranger. He is patient and always looking for a way to help others.

Wilton has volunteered with Bonsai since it opened, and came on staff part-time in September of 2016. He lives in Manta with his wife, Monica, and his three children, Stefany, Karen, and Kenny.


Maura Macias, cook

Maura prepares delicious, healthy lunches for Bonsai each day, and is also responsible for planning the menu each week. She keeps the kitchen immaculately clean and well-organized. She is sincere and always punctual.

Maura's two children, Isaac and Korina, have participated in Bonsai since 2016. She began working with Bonsai part-time in June of 2017. Maura and her children live in Manta.


Our Volunteers


Steve & Robin Wright

Steve and Robin are from the Kansas City, Missouri area. They are retired, but prefer to use the term "repurposed," because they came to Manta with a vision to do "whatever it takes" to help missionaries and their ministries. Steve and Robin use their personal vehicle to help transport kids to and from Bonsai each day - a huge commitment and a great help to us. They do more than just drive a van; they have gotten to know the children on a personal level and are invested in their lives. Steve is a member of Bonsai’s advisory board.